Best Hitachi Framing Nailer & Nail Gun Reviews

best hitachi framing nailer reviews and buying guideHitachi is one of the most reliable brands in the nail gun market. Companies founding principles of quality technology and reliability lead over 50 years of professional tools.

The company produces very high-quality professional nail guns.

All Hitachi framing nailers have the following characteristics and features:

  • Very light and perfectly balanced
  • Nice design
  • Durable body
  • Fast and easy reloads
  • Easy nail removal
  • Selective actuation switch
  • Cylinder valve drive system
  • Glasses for your safety
  • Warranty

In my personal opinion, Hitachi offers the best nail guns you can find. It complies with the requirements for beginners and professionals.

Framing nailers are some of the most widely used power tools in the construction industry. Owing to their wide applicability, they are the kind of tools that one is likely to find in the toolbox of a professional and also in the home of an armature builder. They are particularly beloved of the do it yourself, enthusiasts. To purchase such a tool, one requires being able to know that it will tick all the right boxes on matters such as safety, ease of use, efficiency, and power. Among the world’s leading manufacturers of these tools is Hitachi. The following are some of the framing nailers from Hitachi:

Hitachi NR90AE(S)

This framing nailer is built for use by professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It weighs 7.5 pounds which make it easy to hold. The light weight makes it ideal for handheld nailing. The nailer has a considerable amount of power for a nailer its weight. The NR90AE(S) has the ability to nail through virtually any material. For a person who does this professionally, it means that they need only it to do all the work they need to do.

It has a hard tip and this makes it durable since it does not wear off on the nose. The hardening also makes sure that the nailer does not slip during toe nailing. The nailer comes with two magazines made of anodized aluminum. The aluminum is cheap making it easier to replace if such a replacement is needed. The nailer is ergonomically designed which makes it possible to work with for long hours.

One of the challenges that workmen face when using nailers is changing functionality from sequential to contact. The process is usually so labored that it removes momentum from the job. This nailer allows the user to change between the actuation with a simple flip of the switch. Thus, change can be made from sequential to contact and back as the situation may demand.

Many of the features of this nailer are defined by contractors which make it good to work with. Not only is it good to work with from a theoretical perspective but also from a practical perspective. It has fasteners which are a key part of its ergonomic design. This product has a five-year warranty which is an indication of the confidence manufacturers have in their product. Such confidence can be expected from Hitachi owing to the company’s long tradition of being a leader in the production of power tools. This framing nailer is a product of Hitachi’s reputed research and development division.

Hitachi NR83A2

This is a round-headed nailer is capable of nailing between 2 inches and 3 inches. The product has already been pulled from production by the manufacturer. It is inspired by the do it yourself movement. It allows the armature users to develop the capacity to do professional quality work. This product has the ability to determine the precise depth of nails. Knowing such depth is ideal for the production of quality work. The adjustment is important when different types of wood are in use. The NR83A2 comes with eye protection as a part of the deal.

This nailer has the capacity for selective actuation. Selective actuation allows for single actuation and contact actuation. Owing to the way it is designed, this tool is particularly suitable for use in the framing of walls and floors. The nailer has two magazines that are made of steel. The design of the magazines is deliberately intended to make them easy to load which makes work almost seamless. The magazine has the capacity for 64-70 nails which allows for a considerable amount of work to be done with one loading. The magazine has an automatic locking system, thus when nails are put in the feeder, the automatic locking system makes loading all the easier.

It allows the user to select, by a flip of the switch whether to use intermittent and continuous firing. Intermittent firing is ideal for times when precision is needed. Continuous firing is perfect for instances where rapid firing is applicable. In such instances, the nailing cannot be precise. The nailer weighs 7.9 pounds making it easy to carry and use even when use is required for long hours. It is also hardened at its toenail push lever. This hardening is important as it increases the durability of the nailer.

Hitachi NR83A3

This nailer is light in weight. It weighs 8.6 lbs. It is also balanced and it can be easily maneuvered when working. It also comes with the capacity to adjust for the depth of nails without the need for tools. It has two steel magazines which make it easy to use. A person can be using the nailer while another party loads the magazine so that the flow of work is not disrupted. If only a single person is available to work, the loading mechanism is still easy enough as to allow for distraction only briefly.

This nailer has an open nose. This design is ideal for the removal of a nail that may be jammed. This facility is particularly useful in nailing since nails usually jam nailers which sometimes disrupts work for long periods. The NR83A3 has a rubber grip which makes it comfortable and easy to use. The tool weighs 11 pounds.

This tool has a faster speed. The speed and the extra power in the machine enable it to drive nails through the most challenging materials. Like all Hitachi tools, this nailer is durable and it produces high-quality work. The product comes with a five-year warranty from the date of purchase which is a considerable length of time for a warranty. The long warranty is a testament to the quality that Hitachi believes they have put into the product.

The design is well thought out and a lot of suggestions from those most likely to use the tools have been incorporated. It also has a long cable that makes it possible to move for long distances from the power source in the process of work.


The choice of a framing nailer is usually dependent on different factors. These include the nature of the job. Such nature determines the level of precision needed and the speed with which the nailing needs to be done. Other important factors include the preference of the user. Some users may prefer lighter nailers while others may be willing to make do with the heavier ones if they meet certain requirements. General ease of use is also important for the in the determination of the make. This is why the question of the type of magazine and the ease of loading are important to the choice.